Our Story

For the past decade, our directors have worked for the world's largest infrastructure investors and helped them purchase and sell roads, port and rail assets all over the world, with transaction sizes ranging from $50 million to $10 billion. Today, a wide group of leading infrastructure investors, financiers, and asset owners leverage the experience, insights and analysis of our team of experts.

Our Approach

Keep it simple. Too often, consultants and other experts assemble complex models that embed crucial assumptions that are not properly vetted, questioned or discussed. As you change some of these key assumptions, the results and recommendations can completely change as well.

We think the only way to make smart infrastructure investment decisions is to be fully transparent regarding all of the key uncertainties, opportunities and risks. We take a common-sense approach to our analysis, and put a strong emphasis on making sure our clients understand the key results. We do not deliver a black-box model and ask our clients to trust us—we want them to make smart, informed decisions.

Leadership Team

Sylvain Sénéchal, CFA

Managing Director

Sylvain has over 8 years of experience conducting in-depth analysis of transportation assets. He has conducted over 50 traffic and revenue studies that helped purchase over $15 billion of assets around the world, in both emerging and developed markets. Before focusing on infrastructure investments, he worked in financial risk management at a major export development bank.

Benjamin Cimon, CFA

Managing Director

Ben has been conducting commercial due diligence on infrastructure assets for 10 years, assisting on over $20 billion of successful transactions. He specializes in the economic drivers and long-term growth prospects of road, rail and port assets. This includes assessing the key macroeconomic variables affecting revenue forecasts, as well as global commodity market dynamics.