Economic Analysis

Country-Level Macro Analysis

The domestic macroeconomic backdrop of the economy can be a major driver of future revenue growth for infrastructure assets, and therefore it is essential to synchronize the economic outlook with volume and prices growth forecasts. We provide a detailed historical analysis that tells the full story behind a country’s economic growth, and can include forecast scenarios for the key variables that are linked to revenue growth of the asset (e.g. real GDP, employment, population, trade)


Regional-Level Macro Analysis


For some infrastructure assets, including toll roads, the state- and city-level economic situation is more important than the national situation. In larger countries, it is also common to observe substantial differences between local and national-average trends. For these reasons, we use the most detailed regional economic information available to paint the local economic picture, as well as breakdown our national-level forecasts into regional-level forecasts where needed.

Global Country-Risk Screening

As investors expand their horizons to new markets and countries, it is crucial to understand the level of risk involved. This can take many different forms, including legal risks (appropriation), political instability risks, currency and inflation risks, local violence risks, corruption and bribery risks, and reputational risks. We compile key metrics from globally trusted sources to create a custom benchmarking tool that will help our clients directly compare and rate every country.