Toll Road Services

Traffic Study Reviews

Independent review of third-party traffic studies. This involves a detailed analysis of the key assumptions and an opinion on the alternative scenarios that would be reasonable to test or include in an underwriting case. Items reviewed include baseline traffic, growth assumptions, price elasticities, journey time savings, traffic counts, and any other key assumptions identified. Importantly, the review will convert traffic modeling lingo into plain English.


Traffic Modeling


In-depth analysis of historical traffic data and a custom-built spreadsheet model for long-term forecasting. Includes key traffic model features (custom zones, origin-destination matrix, time savings analysis, economic growth, etc.), without the bulk and opaqueness of a network model. Transparent and developed with the end-user in mind, it is available in a “single-tab” layout for dropping directly into investment models. Includes a presentation of key results and regular updates to the client while being developed.

Toll Price Analysis

A review of the toll pricing structure and creation of an optimization strategy to maximize traffic, revenue, or cash flow. Grounded in the latest academic research on toll price elasticities from around the globe—analyzing the relationship between toll rates and traffic volumes—the analysis will be a helpful guide for key pricing decisions.


Revenue Forecasting


Full suite of commercial due diligence support that culminates in long-term revenue forecasts for toll road assets. This includes a review of third-party traffic studies, an asset-specific traffic model, toll price analysis, growth analysis, and long-term revenue scenarios. Our team will work closely with the client’s team to ensure full comprehension of the key assumptions and provide support for committee presentations.